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Using our unique machinery, Glass Craft can engrave designs onto all types of glass deeper than is normally possible. This 'deep cut' etching allows the engraved design to be painted using traditional artists' techniques and modern airbrushing and spraying methods to achieve full colour designs and logos which can include precious metals such as Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf.

Some examples of these methods are shown below.


The latest type of sign writing which Glass Craft have developed comes in the form of Raised Metal Letters.

These letters are now available, exclusively from Glass Craft, in a variety of different materials, for example Brushed Steel (as above), Brass and copper, all of which are available in many different finishes.

Glass Craft then attach these letters to any exterior or interior wall by the above mentioned new variable length bracket system that was designed 'in house'.

Depending on the size of your letters and the height that they are off the ground, we can tailor each bracket so that it sits an exact distance from the surface of the wall, no matter if the wall is flat or rough finished. These letters can be made exactly to any size or specification required and can be fitted at your premises in a relatively short space of time by our team of experts. For more information on this new sign writing technique Contact us



US PATENT No. 7371153

EUROPEAN PAT. No.1924404

Canadian Patent Pending


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