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Glass Craft provides a completely new and exclusive on site glass engraving service to our customers which is  made possible by our unique custom built machinery (Patent Pending). This one of a kind system was designed and developed by Glass Craft and is completely portable meaning we can engrave any type of glass, any size without the inconvenience of removing the pane from the frame.

During the course of the development of our engraving system, we discovered a method of applying the machinery which enabled us to safely engrave toughened (or tempered) safety glass. This was thought to be impossible because of the makeup of toughened glass which is designed to shatter into many tiny pieces, rather than into large shards like regular sheet glass which can be extremely dangerous.

Conventional methods of engraving glass tend to cause toughened glass to shatter instantly, however with our system the glass can be engraved with no risk of shattering the pane, and after the engraving is completed the glass looses none of its safety properties.




Glass Craft can also etch Health & Safety Manifestations onto glass doors, panels and windows On Site. Occasionally during the construction or renovation of a building certain Health and Safety requirements can be overlooked, for example, if a set of glass doors, or a large glass partition is not entirely obvious, this is considered to be unsafe as someone may walk into it.

The Health and Safety inspectors require the glass to be marked to highlight its location and prevent such and accident. This used to be done with stick on vinyl squares, which are no longer accepted by the Health & Safety Executive as they can be easily removed from the surface of the glass.

Using our system Glass Craft can permanently etch the glass while it is still in it's frame, regardless of what type of safety glass is used, leaving the building ready to be occupied the same day. This is a lot faster and works out less expensive than removing and replacing the glass.



Pembroke Castle, South Wales

Pembroke Castle, South Wales

Burniston Church, North Yorkshire

Burniston Church, North Yorkshire


Another exclusive product which is popular with our customers, are our new Glass Opening Plaques. This product is being used a lot in new buildings where a V.I.P. or celebrity is invited to open building, and are unveiled as part of the opening ceremony. These plaques can be engraved with the company logos, Coat of Arms, etc. and usually also contain a commemorative inscription. These Toughened Glass plaques are then mounted to the wall by four (or six depending on the size.) brass or stainless steel fittings which were designed by Glass Craft and are manufactured exclusively for us.




US PATENT No. 7371153

EUROPEAN PAT. No.1924404

Canadian Patent Pending


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